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Emma Watson Height, Weight, Bra Size, Body Measurements

Emma Watson


Emma Watson Height, Weight, Bra Size, Body Measurements

Find the complete biography as well as Emma Watson height, weight, dress size, shoe size, bra size and body measurements. Also, look at her diet and workout plan she follows to maintain her body.

Emma Watson Bio

A popular face in Hollywood who portrayed a popular character and have been ruling from a very tender age over the hearts of her audiences. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in Paris in France to Chris Watson and Jaqueline Luesby on 15th April in 1990.

Emma Watson

Both of Emma’s parents were lawyers and got divorced. She used to stay with her mother, but visited her father in the weekends. Nina, Lucy and Toby Watson are Emma’s step siblings. She has gone to schools, colleges and even university to gain knowledge and to earn her degrees. Emma had been linked with a few names among which Prince Harry was a shocking revelation. But presently she is with William Knight since 2015’s October.

Acting Career

Emma is a darling of Hollywood. She began her acting at an age of nine with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That sweet and serious little girl, Hermione Granger with curly brown hair and inquisitive eyes made her place in everyone’s heart. Emma was a part of this Harry Potter franchise from beginning to the end and starred in all the movies. She has made Hermione immortal as much as the character has made her unforgettable. Along with Hermione’s journey Emma also grew as a person and as an actor and she received immense praise and awards.

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

After that she acted in quite a few movies and also became the face of some well-known magazines. Presently, she acted in another film characterizing the evergreen Beauty from “The Beauty and The Beast” and as usual was praised. But she is not merely a beautiful belle, but also a woman of substance who has a say and concern about grave issues worldwide. She is has a helpful nature and does lots of charity. She is not just an actor or model, but an idol whom many people admires and follows.

Emma Watson Appearance

The fact that she played the role of Beauty speaks volumes about her. She is beauty personified as both her inner and outer aspects are equally good. Emma Watson earned many cover pictures and also the title of “Flawless Young woman”, not only because she is extremely gorgeous with striking feature but because she has a mind of her own which can think and differentiate between right and wrong. She appears as strong willed woman who is confident of herself which not only helps her in real life, but also in her professional field as both acting and modeling are based on the pillars of self-confidence and faith.

Emma along with a pretty face has an attractive body which helps to make her an impressive impression. She is blessed with good genes which have led up to the creation of a beauty which has both grace and guts. Her brown eyes and hair have a magic of their own and have kept people mesmerized from her very first on-screen outing.

Emma Watson Height

The thing which catches our overall attention at the first go is someone’s height and it plays a bit more important role in an actor’s life. Emma has a height of 5’5’’ which is quite good for a lady.

Emma Watson height

She has a slim frame and moderate structure which portrays her in fine light. She has the required elevation which helps her to fair well in her professions and also grabs her good roles.

Emma Watson weight, Bra Size and measurements

Along with height, the other measurements of this English actress are also at par with each other. She weighs something between 50- 53 kg which is well below the level of being called an over-weight rather if she wants, she can put on some weight, as she has enough room for that. She has a curvy figure with a bra size of 32B and statistics like- 34- 23- 34 cm which many women are dying to possess.

Emma Watson body

Her 34 inch chest and hips are well complimented by her 23 inch waist and helps her to fit in the dress size 4 according to US measurements 34 in accordance with EU. She wears shoes of US size 7. Being a model and an actress she can carry any kind of dresses and looks good in everything.

Emma’s diet and workout

In order to maintain her fit body, Emma likes to eat proper and work out. She plays hockey, runs and walks in the lap of nature to stay in shape. Moreover, she does weight lifting, sprint running and pilates in gym. Her motto of staying fit is accompanied with balanced diet. She incorporates proteins, fibres and carbohydrates in her diet. She avoids junk and eats healthy.

Complete Body Measurements

  • Body Type: Slim built
  • Height: 5’5’’ or 165 cm
  • Weight: 50-53 Kg or 111-117 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 7(US)
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Eye Colour: Light Brown
  • Hair Colour: Light Brown
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: English
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