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Alicia Vikander Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Check out the complete biography of Alicia Vikander along with her body measurements like height, weight, bra size, shoe size and also her diet and workout plan.

Alicia Vikander Biography

Born as Alicia Amanda Vikander, this Swedish actress was born on 3rd October, 1988 in Gothenburg Sweden. Alicia grew up in beautiful Gothenburg and also started acting at a very early age.

Alicia Vikander


She started off with stage acting at The Göteborg Opera. She was also trained as a ballet dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Later on she also took ballet lessons at School of American Ballet in New York. At the age of 16 she also started acting in Swedish short films and began as a professional actress with television series. She gained a lot of popularity and very early age. Presently she lives in London, UK.

Alicia Vikander became famous with the hit TV series called Andra Avenyn which run from 2008 to 2010. She became a popular actress in the Scandinavia and from then on she won various awards both national and international ones. She also started acting English films like Anna Karenina opposite Kiera Knightley, A Royal Affair in 2012Testament of Youth in 2014 and The Danish Girl in 2015. Alicia got nominated BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination for her role in A Royal Affair and again got nominated for BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globe for Ex Machina. Finally she got the Screen Actors Guild Award and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl.

Alicia Vikander Height measurements

Alicia Vikander is 5 feet 5 and half inches tall which is good for a ballet dancer. She is neither too tall nor to short as a European. Being a trained ballet dancer Alicia has always kept a slim body type so as to facilitate her dancing flexibility and movements.

Alicia Vikander height

As a European actress her height is quite pleasing and along with her slim weight of 53 kilos she looks quite petite. The roles she plays in both Hollywood and Swedish movies are more of romantic and classic which requires the frame she possesses.

Alicia Vikander Weight measurements

Alicia weighs 53 kilos and according to her height this weight keeps her slim and lightweight. Since he has an elaborate background of ballet dancing it made her keep a very slim frame in order to attain the flexibility and light required for that dancing style. She has the ideal European body structure of a dancer and actress. Her good eating habits along with her healthy exercise routines make her keep the weight in check.

Alicia Vikander Diet Plan

This Swedish beauty loves to have good food and she always makes sure that she is having enough nutrition from whatever she is eating. Alicia is very health conscious and does not find starvation as a means to lose weight. It will only make one weaker inside. Interestingly Alicia cooks her own food which is healthy and clean. Even in her busy schedule she find out time to cook and eat healthy. Alicia says that she is good in preparing dishes that can be shared with friends. She avoids eating out and home delivered junk food.

Alicia Vikander Workout Plan

Alicia Vikander had to stop ballet dancing because of a major injury. However that did not stop this Swedish actress from exercising and keeping herself fit and slim. While the actress is not seen lifting weights and dumbbells she never misses her jogging.

Alicia Vikander workout

Sometimes she does hit the gym for cardio workouts in order to gain strength and fitness. She de-stress in a very natural way while moving around and working. Her ways of exercising is very natural and detoxifying. This helps her keep a toned and slim figure. As a ballet dancer she knows how to maintain her flexibility and thus she choose the natural distressing ways to keep herself in shape.

Complete Body measurements

Alicia Vikander body

  • Height: 5 feet, 5 ½ inches
  • Weight: 53 Kilos
  • Chest Size: 34 inches
  • Waist Size: 24 inches
  • Hips: 34 ½ inches
  • Dress Size: 6 (US)
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Show Size: 8.5

Things you did not know about Alicia Vikander

Alician Vikander is the perfect self made actress of the recent times. The actress started off her career really early and she started living on her own from the age of fifteen earning as the principal dancer of the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Apart from being a fabulous ballet dancer Alicia started off acting on stage productions and gradually moved on to Swedish short films and hit TV series. Finally she started acting in major Hollywood films too. While her life is not so personal but there are a few things that many would not know. She is going to replace Angelina Jolie in the next Lara Croft film which is scheduled to be released in 2018. While she speaks Swedish she learnt Danish for her role in A Royal Affair in two months.

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